Driving away the anxiety and into confidence

Last year in the UK nearly 500 people every day were injured in reported road accidents. The statistics don't show near misses and the implications for witnessing accidents, that can psychologically affect people.

Physical injuries are easier to detect and treat, but what about mental and psychological injuries?

As a hypnotherapist, I see more and more people wanting and needing help with driving anxiety. For some, being in an accident or witnessing an accident has impacted on their mental health to such an extent that they cannot get behind the wheel of a car any more. For others, certain roads, motorways, country lanes, travelling past articulated lorries or driving in the dark can all trigger a fear and lead to an aversion to driving in these situations.

Every person is uniquely different in the trigger that prevents them from feeling safe and in control of the vehicle they drive and the journey they take.

Anxiety about driving in some cases won't just stay at driving, it can bleed into other areas of your life, affecting your work, your relationships and bring your life to what can seem like a stand still.

This is where I can help; I can help you to find that trigger, help you to overcome the obstacles, regain your confidence and start living your life, free from the fear that is holding you back from moving forward.

A recent testimonial from a client:

'Sam is an amazing women and therapist . She made me feel like I'd known her forever. Sam has really helped me conquer my demons . Thanks Sam'

Let me help find a way for you conquer your demons.

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