New Year 2.0

Did you make a New Year's resolution? Is it to stop smoking? Stop drinking? Join a gym? Get fit? Learn a language? Lose weight? Have you started your journey to become the 'new you'? To change your life? Have you given up already? Statistics show that only 8% of people actually keep to their New Year's resolutions and one of the most common reasons people don't is the small failures along the way that discourage them from sticking it out. This can be due to the resolution being unrealistic, or maybe your heart or mind wasn't really in it to begin with. Let's be totally honest, who really wants to become a brand new person? That's a lot of hard work, time, effort and dedication. So what can you do? Why not just try and be a better version of yourself; the upgraded 2018 model! Make goals for this year....what do you really want for yourself? Taking time for self-reflection is important. Saying that you want to get fitter or stop smoking, for example, is easy enough to say, but how are you going to do it? Break your goals down into steps or achievable 'mini goals''s all about the details. When you achieve these little wins, each one moves you further along your path. Take time for yourself...reflect often on your journey so far. Pay attention to the small victories because they are usually the ones that make the most difference and can be the turning points. Remember that it's okay to be a little selfish and do things for yourself. Self care is essential for your well being. Don't rush...remember that age old saying ' Rome wasn't built in a day'. Trust in yourself and the journey you are on. As long as you keep going, you make progress and move forward. Don't be afraid to ask for and encouragement from those close to you and from professionals can help to keep you motivated, focussed and on track. Remember that no goal is ever silly. It's your goal...something that you want to do for you. Your quality of life. Whether it's to make you happier, healthier, to inspire you, to make you laugh, make you smile, to feel free. It's your goal. Run with it. So, if your goal is to lose weight or learn to play the piano or take an art class, or just being able to drink a hot cup of coffee in peace, make it happen! You have the power to be the best version of yourself; don't let anyone else tell you any differently. When you reach December 2018, look back and see how far you have come. Happy New Year!

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